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The Ultimate Loan Management Software

Harmoto is a simple, smart, and innovative end-to-end Loan Management System.

Harmoto is all inclusive and ready to get the job done!

Harmoto is designed to revolutionize the way financial institutions manage loans. We understand the complexities and challenges involved in loan management.

It is an innovative, comprehensive, and user-friendly solution tailored to meet the specific needs of both financial institutions and their clients.

Harmoto comes Ready with 2 Integrated Platforms

1 for the Financial Institution and 1 for the clients

Platform for the financial instution

Custom Loan Products Creation

Clients’ Document Management

Financial Reporting

Clients’ Risk Analysis

Communication System

Full Security & Compliance

Platform for the Clients

Effortless Loan Application  

Real Time Tracking 

Repayment System

Document Management 

Loan Progress Alerts 

Contract Management 

Types of loans supported

Regular Business Loans
for small to mid-sized businesses needing operational and expansion financings

Short Term Lending
Discounting and factoring products for immediate financial requirements.

Incremental Disbursement Loans
Tailored for projects requiring phased financial disbursements.

Variable Installment Loans
Flexible repayment schedules to suit diverse clients’ need

Why Choose Harmoto?

Simplicity & Innovation
This 1 comprehensive platform enables a financial institution to fully manage all functions and workflows of their loan department.

Integration & Compatibility
Harmoto is designed to integrate seamlessly with a range of platforms, ensuring compatibility and enhanced functionality.

Client-Centric Approach
Both the financial institution and client platforms are crafted to enhance user experience, ensuring satisfaction and efficiency..