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About us

Our Mission

We are committed to streamlining financial processes, enabling FMCG clients to access essential funding within 24 hours. Our mission is to foster strong, efficient partnerships between financial institutions and FMCGs.

Our Vision

To be the foremost facilitator of financial synergy in the FMCG ecosystem, driving growth and innovation through seamless financial solutions.

Our innovation

Harmoto spearheads innovation by creating a seamless digital bridge between financial institutions and FMCG companies, enabling instant, intuitive financial transactions and partnerships.

Our Ecosystem


Harmoto Tech Stack

A comprehensive, intelligent loan management system designed for efficiency and simplicity. Our technology enables custom loan product creation, robust document management, insightful financial reporting, and detailed risk analysis.

Key Features:

  • Custom Loan Products
  • Client Document Management
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Comprehensive Communication System
  • Rigorous Security and Compliance
  • User-Friendly Web App for Loan Application


Harmoto for Financial Institutions

Transform how you fund FMCG clients with Harmoto. Our platform simplifies the funding process, eliminating the complexities of client management and loan administration.


  • Direct Funding to FMCG Clients
  • Automated Loan Cycle Management
  • Flexible Tech Stack Integration
  • Seamless API Interactions with Existing Systems


Harmoto for FMCGs

Harmoto equips FMCG companies with ready-to-use financial solutions, catering to portfolios of any size. Our platform ensures rapid invoice funding, vital for maintaining your supply chain’s momentum.


  • Quick Supply Chain Financing
  • Invoices Funded Within 24 Hours
  • API Integration with ERP Systems
  • Scalable Solutions for Large Client Bases

Harmoto takes it to the next level !

Connecting an entire ecosystem with ultimate precision


This focus on efficiency translates into faster transactions, reduced operational overhead, and a smoother financial journey for all parties involved.


Its agile approach ensures that every financial interaction is not only effective but perfectly aligned with the evolving demands of modern finance.


Blending deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to offer a full solution that is steeped in a profound understanding of the needs and requirements of financial institutions, FMCGs and their clients.


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